When should you paint your Home?

We will help answer this question by providing you with some tips. A good professional paint job protects your house from the natural elements like heat, rain and pollution. It's important to understand that you should not just paint your house for the looks but to protect it from rotting and water damage that can cost your thousands to fix later.

Not only will it help you protect your biggest investment it can also be one of the least expensive, profitable and fastest ways to sell your home.

A professional paint job should last about 7-8 years with 2 coats of paint and the proper preparation. Here are some signs that you can look for to determine if your house or office needs a new paint job.
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It's time to paint your home or office when:

Caulking starts to split - You'll notice the caulking in the wood starts to split in certain areas leaving your wood exposed

Paint starts Peeling - This is when you know that the paint is completely damaged and the wood is no longer getting the protection that it needs

Color begins to Fade - Ultraviolet rays cause the paint to lose it's color

Cracks or fibers in the Wood
-  It's time to paint to avoid the wood from rotting or splintering

New Builds
- Due to cheap builders paint, interiors are usually painted 1 year later and the exteriors 4-5 years. Most builders only use cheap paint and 1 coat. A repaint will have 2 coats of quality paint which will last about 7-8 years.

Colors are outdated - Color patterns change and your house starts to look old. Spiff it up by upgrading to new colors

Chalking - Paint takes a beating from the sun which creates a dust like substance.

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