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We provide  Interior Painting Service for Residential Homes, Apartments, Commercial offices, Building, Move-in/Move-outs and Investment Properties

1st Step - Choose Color

We will help you choose your colors by providing you professional color charts that will go with the style of your home and the look and feel that you are looking for.
2nd Step - Preparation
Preparation is one of the most important factors when it comes to painting your home. We will make sure that the surface is clean and ready before applying the paint for the best adhesion so that it last for a very long time.
3rd Step - Applying the Paint
We will help you decide what type of finish you would like There are a variety of interior paint finishes to choose from as described below.
Flat Ц A paint with a flat surface that does not reflect light and generally used on ceilings and walls of formal rooms. Flat finishes are usually non-washable and cleaning is not advised.
Matte Ц A durable paint with a flat, non-glossy finish usually used for walls. Matte finishes can endure light cleaning, but heavy cleaning is not recommended.
Eggshell Ц A durable paint with a low sheen and gloss reminiscent of an eggshell. Eggshell finishes are normally used on walls, have a slightly higher sheen level than flat, and clean better than flat finishes as they can endure moderate level cleaning.
Satin Ц A durable paint with a smooth, velvety gloss texture. Satin can be used in high traffic areas because it can hold up to heavy cleaning and light scrubbing, and is most often used for doors, windows, and other trim.
Semi-Gloss Ц A highly durable paint with a subtle shine that isnТt overbearing. Semi-Gloss is usually used for doors, trim, kitchens and bathrooms because it can easily endure heavy cleaning.
Gloss Ц Gloss and High Gloss are highly durable paints that have a reflective shine reminiscent of plastic. Gloss, though not often prescribed, can be used on cabinets, trim, and furniture.
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All of our Interior Paint Services come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty
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