Exterior Painting Services

Our Preparation Process
Х We Powerwash the Exterior
(removes loose and peeling paint, mold and mildew, dust and pollen) A full day of drying will be needed before painting.
Х All Cracks and holes will be filled and sanded
Х Any Paint that is peeling will be scraped by hand with scraping tools
Х New wood will be primered first
Х Plants, Shrubs and small trees will be covered to avoid getting painted
Х Windows and doors are covered with plastic and tape for protection
Choose the type of Paint you want
Х Flat Ц A durable paint with a flat, non-glossy matte finish with excellent hiding capability
Х Low Lustre Ц An exceptionally durable, low lustre paint with very good hiding capability and superb color retention.
Х Soft/Medium Gloss Ц Exceptionally durable, soft gloss paint with good hiding capability and color retention.
Х High Gloss Ц A protective finish that provides a smooth, high gloss sheen. High gloss exhibits excellent leveling and moderate hiding capability.
Х Deck & Siding Stains Ц Durable and protective stains that seal wooden decks and shingles. Stains are available in clear or transparent finishes and are also available in a variety of colors.
Х Solid or Semi Ц Solid stains are used to mask the grain and color of the wood without changing the texture.
When The Job Is Done
Х All protective exterior painting materials and tape is removed
Х Exterior windows are cleaned
Х We make sure that any painted windows and doors open and close
Х Walk through project with the homeowner
Protecting your home from the elements with professional exterior painting is an investment, not an expense.
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All of our Exterior Paint Services come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty
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